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The National Working Waterfront Network increases the capacity of coastal communities and stakeholders to make informed decisions, balance diverse uses, ensure access, and plan for the future of working waterfronts and waterways.

What are working waterfronts?

Working waterfronts are waterfront lands, waterfront infrastructure, and waterways that are used for a water-dependent activity, such as ports, small recreational boat harbors, fishing docks, and hundreds of other places across the country where people use and access the water.

Who are we?

Municipalities, State and Federal agencies, Nonprofits, Universities, Sea Grant programs, Businesses, Industry Associations, and Individuals dedicated to supporting and enhancing our nation’s working waterfronts and waterways.

What do we do?

  • Cooperate to research and celebrate our nation’s working waterfronts and waterways;
  • Provide our partners with access to the historical, economic, financial, and policy information and re­sources they need to address issues on working wa­terfronts and waterways at the local, state, regional, and national level; and
  • Maintain and strengthen a diverse network of part­ners who collaborate internally and act as liaisons to their stakeholders and communities.

What can you do?

This website contains lots of information, data, and tools that individuals, communities, and governments at all levels can use to develop, inform, and enhance their sustainable working waterfront initiatives. The compilation of this information was made possible by a grant from the U.S. Department of Commerce's Economic Development Administration. To learn more, follow the links below to access the various sections of the Sustainable Working Waterfronts Toolkit:

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News and Announcements

What's the NWWN Community Center?
The Community Center (powered by the NING platform) builds personal connections among individuals involved with working waterfront issues around the country. Please join us.

NWWN Case Studies
Click on the map above to find a case study by location.